Finally, A Job!

Finally, I have a job again. Haven’t worked a steady job since I left California. Four months of not working was starting to drive me BONKERS! Well, no more. I have been hired by Macy’s. It’s temporary (for the holidays) but there is the possibility of it becoming permanent.

Went for POS (point of sale) training last night. Definitely an experience. I have register experience but this is like nothing I’ve worked with before. I’m hoping with use I’ll catch on quickly. Did the rest of the traing this morning. All the training is done on a computer, POS on a training register. Walked away this morning after 2 hours with a major headache. Have to go back Monday night for orientation, 3 more hours on the computer (oh joy). After that I should be scheduled for actual work. I’m so excited!

Yes, this will be a whole new experience. I’ve worked retail but it was nothing like Macy’s. I’m really looking forward to this. Will update as soon as I know more.